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Oct 25, 2023

One For The Road: Holiday Lights Mocktail

Holiday Lights Mocktail Small

For generations, people have used music as a way to find solace and joy. Music Director at NOLA Detox & Recovery Center, Joe Gelini, discussed how music can help those suffering from addiction to recover on Great Day Louisiana. “The program that we’re doing at NOLA Detox is really wonderful because, you know, we’re able to actually take music into a detox center in our recovery environment. And it’s just a really wonderful way for people to experience music for the first time, possibly when they’re sober.” Joe also shows us how to make a fantastic mocktail just in time for the holiday season. All you need is lemon juice, cranberry juice, hiiscus tea, ginger ale, and an orange peel for this winter treat. Learn more about how NOLA Detox uses music to help those in recovery and pick up a new drink recipe along the way.

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