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Nov 23, 2021

How the Opioid Epidemic is Affecting Louisiana

How the Opioid Epidemic is Affecting Louisiana - NOLA Detox

NOLA Detox co-founder and CEO Dan Forman spoke with the folks at 1230 WBOK about how the opioid epidemic is affecting Louisiana. And how in particular, the rise of drugs being laced with Fentanyl is wreaking havoc in the Pelican State. “People are dying the first time they’re using, so it’s not like they have been using for years and their bodies are worn down and they die. They are literally trying it, maybe recreationally, and they are dying the first time they are using it. It’s very scary.” Dan also discussed how the pandemic and isolation, in particular, can lead to recovering addicts falling back into old habits and goes into detail about misconceptions that some still have about addiction.

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