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Aug 09, 2021

The Desperate Need for Quality Addiction Treatment

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Drug Addiction Treatment in Louisiana 

Did you know that New Orleans is disproportionately impacted by the increasing national addiction crisis with overdose rates four to six times greater than the rest of the state? Did you know that Louisiana ranks as the highest state in overdose growth during the COVID-19 pandemic — second only to Washington D.C.? Did you know that drug related deaths in New Orleans continue to surpass the number of homicides in the city? 

These staggering statistics compelled me to work with some of the best in addiction treatment around to create NOLA Detox and Recovery Center. Louisiana is the center of the opioid crisis. Having worked in addiction treatment for more than a decade, I knew I could do more. And I know with our approach at NOLA Detox, we will make an impact and start to save more lives. We’re thrilled to open our doors and have beds available during this crisis. It’s important because oftentimes the number one obstacle to getting people into treatment is finding them quality, accessible care at the moment they are ready and open to it. We want to seize the moment with anyone who is ready and get them in immediately. 

Dan Forman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

NOLA Detox and Recovery Center 

Dan Forman has operated recognized detox and residential treatment programs across Louisiana. His primary goal is creating facilities that provide patients, and their families, exceptional treatment and support throughout their recovery. 

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